About me

Professional role

I’m a Lead Data Scientist at BCG X, the tech build and design unit of the Boston Consulting Group. I develop advanced analytics solutions for public and private sector clients using machine learning, statistics, and software engineering. I’m also passionate about Responsible AI and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.


Progressive analytics

I’ve supported the progressive movement through volunteer and consulting work, including:


I hold a PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology from Duke University and a BA in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University. My research focused on using statistical methods to shed light on the ecology and evolution of primates.


I played ice hockey for Team Korea in the 2018 Winter Olympics and varsity women’s ice hockey at Harvard University from 2006-10.

I’m passionate about women’s sports and the positive role that athletics plays in developing and empowering people of all ages and genders. I am a USA Hockey certified coach and have over a decade of experience coaching teams and providing elite skills instruction.


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Last updated: June 19, 2024