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Insight Data Science and Python

I rarely make life update posts, but this is a big enough deal that I thought it was worth posting about, especially since some of the changes will affect this blog! Here is the tl;dr version:

  1. I accepted an Insight Data Science post-doctoral fellowship in Boston.
  2. I am transitioning from R to Python, and although I will likely continue using R for academic projects, Python is my new go-to tool.

If you want to know a little more about these updates, read on!

Insight Data Science Fellowship

This fellowship is specifically aimed at helping PhDs transition to data science jobs in industry. I hear it’s one of a kind, and I’m super excited for the chance to get some training and make connections that will help me jump start the next phase of my career.

Learning Python

It has come to my attention that there are more Python jobs than R jobs, and many jobs require both. Therefore, I am using my abundant free time this summer to learn Python and significantly expand the universe of jobs I am qualified for. Not incidentally, this is my first post written in a Jupyter notebook, and while I’m at it I’ll include my first line of Python code (written so as to prove that this is really not R!).

print("Hello " + "World!")
Hello World!

Just as I removed Matlab from my computer when I was first learning R, I have forced myself to (mostly) give up R while I am learning Python. I’m not going to the extreme of removing it from my computer entirely, but I am trying to do everything in Python even when I know I could bang out some functional R code in my sleep. This means my productivity will plummet until I get better, but I’m confident this is a worthwhile investment.

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