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This is an R package for producing pretty caRds for special occasions. If you have the devtools package installed, you can install caRds from GitHub:



TurkeyDay creates a Thanksgiving turkey:

TurkeyDay(from = "Randi", to = "America")

plot of chunk project_caRds_usturkey

Wish Canada a happy Canadian Thanksgiving with canadian = TRUE:

TurkeyDay(from = "Randi", to = "Canada", canadian = TRUE)

plot of chunk project_caRds_canturkey


ChristmasTree generates a jolly tree with presents underneath:

ChristmasTree(from = "Randi", to = "Chase", numPresents = 10)

plot of chunk project_caRds_xmastree

Add tinsel with tinsel = TRUE.

ChristmasTree(from = "Randi", to = "Chase", numPresents = 10, tinsel = TRUE)

plot of chunk project_caRds_xmastreetins ___

Valentine’s Day

OneThousandHearts sprinkles 1000 tiny hearts about a larger heart, creating negative heart space where a romantic message can be included. If you use the to argument to specify the recipient of your Valentine’s Day caRd, a simple message will be generated automatically:

OneThousandHearts(to = "Samara")

plot of chunk project_caRds_hearts

Alternatively, use lines to include a personalized message up to 4 lines long:

OneThousandHearts(line1 = "Roses are red", 
  line2 = "Violets are blue", 
  line3 = "If you were a Pokemon", 
  line4 = "I would choose you!")

plot of chunk project_caRds_heartspoem


EasterEgg lays an egg of any color with a baby chicken inside:

EasterEgg(shell = "skyblue")

plot of chunk project_caRds_egg ___

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